The project acts as an urban articulator throughout a corridor developed as a public square that opens a pedestrian crossing that crosses the block through a clearer route towards the City Center and the Center for the Arts.

Hermosillo, Mexico.
Construction Area
6,666.8 sqm
Rojkind Arquitectos + Amasaestudio

The project consists of the merge of eight properties that accumulate an area of 9,524m2. It is located in the historic center of Hermosillo, within a privileged area, next to the Center of Arts and Cinematography.

The architectural item was defined with the client, analyzing the regulations that indicate that the construction site cannot exceed 70% of the area of the property and the maximum density must be 8.4 times the site area with an equivalent of 5,600m2 . In such a way that it was concluded to establish a maximum of 4900m2 to be developed.

In this way the volume is displaced adapting to the irregular geometry of the terrain. It forms a ravine on which the different experiences are integrated, appearing on its route, both horizontally and vertically, the different commercial, public and private destinations.

The extreme climate of Hermosillo makes it difficult to inhabit open-air spaces, the geometric proposal allows to generate shadows during the hours of most use, having the highest height to the west without completely blocking the passage of the sun in winter times. The square and the terraces also adapt to the climatic conditions, in these periods of shade are generated during the day allowing a comfortable and constant use.

Due to the scale of the neighborhood and the city, the density allowed in the use of land was considered excessive, so only 37% of the allowed potential was used in the project. This allowed generating a greater diversity of spaces for coexistence and setting a guideline in the scale of development and growth of the city.

The height of the project is defined in two linear constructions parallel to the ground with heights determined by the sunlight, the highest being, of 10 levels, the generator of shade towards the interior plaza as well as towards the other construction, of 5 levels. On both sides, the configuration of the buildings made it possible to generate an important diversity of height between the intermediate volumes through a geometry with multiple facades that allows the houses to have views towards the four cardinal points.

Finally, the public spaces generated throughout and at the top of the project allow the creation of multiple gardens that will enrich the life of the complex, generating microclimates and providing a unique level of comfort in Hermosillo.