Metadistillery José Cuervo

José Cuervo

We are are always seeking to create architecture that questions and responds to current events, Jose Cuervo’s Metadistillery is no exception, we want to understand the enormous potential that design represents in digital environments.

A design exercise responds to the function of objects in relation to human requirements within certain contexts, but there is also the difficulty of creating distinctive experiences via objects or buildings. For instance, a building makes sense due to its program, physical position, and construction technology; but, for the person, what is unforgettable is the view, a light effect, or the experience of the visit.

Within the infinitely diverse paths of “unique experiences,” the digital world has permeated the imagination of millions of young people and created common environments with intuitive languages of interaction that pose digital challenges, where any subject can acquire an alternate identity through avatars in a new social context.

It is a compression of time and space, in which the schedules of each region of the world are diluted and languages are invaded by new digital languages that permit active involvement, which are always inscribed in the logic of a video game.

To create the Metadistillery, Rojkind Arquitectos collaborated with a group of experts and designers specializing in digital experiences: the agency Ache, specialized in creative development; the expert study in the Metaverse, Tangible; the largest video game district, Decentraland, the developers of the experience, Vegas City, Mekanism as a marketing agency; and the UK based dining experience experts, Bompass & Parr, tasked with creating the aesthetic and consumer experience.

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