Guerrero 108

The project is part of a reconversion and updating of the urban fabric of the historic center of the city, which seeks to revitalize and redensify the emblematic colonies of the country’s capital, generating life, economic activity and making of the city.

Mexico City
Michel Rojkind & Gerardo Salinas + Agustín Pereyra + VOX Arquitectura

Located in the Buenavista neighborhood, Guerrero 108 is found in one of the most central and connected areas of Mexico City.

Conceived as a contemporary reinterpretation of the neocolonial buildings of the 19th century, the building dialogues with the neighborhood and the surrounding buildings, through the continuity of the horizontal and vertical lines of its architecture and a harmonious relationship generated through the rhythm of the openings and massifs of vertical proportions, characteristic in the facades of the original buildings of the colony.

The structure of the building is based on load-bearing walls, which are moved from a concrete base that makes up the parking and cisterns, and the first level of apartments, commercial premises and pedestrian and vehicular access. Its envelope consists of glazed partitions that start at its base, in a gray color, and are combined with the yellow color, as the building takes height.

Guerrero 108

The development consists of three types of departments ranging from 67 m2 to 132 m2, distributed in different arrangements: one, two and three levels. Arranged in two large blocks, the houses are organized in exteriors and interiors. The exteriors with views to Guerrero Avenue and the interiors towards a large patio of ventilation and natural lighting that runs throughout all the departments and that generates views of Reforma Avenue.

The development has an elevator, controlled access, surveillance booth and closed circuit television system, which complement the concept of development security.