Rojkind Arquitectos has joined Naked Meta, a team of Web3 experts, in order to develop
Bey∞nd, a platform for projects that can take advantage of the infinite possibilities of the Metaverse to create collectable virtual spaces.

These spaces will have the feedback of the collectors, who will bring their creativity to make a continuous piece of art. In this sense, openness and receptiveness for the design of others –regardless of their origin– are encouraged. This practice will motivate human learning in real time and the development of an adaptative-colective design intelligence.

Rojkind Arquitectos + Naked Meta

With the launch of AXK4N through Bey∞nd, we are inviting everyone to meet in a virtual reality setting to reflect on the relationship between the metaverse and the physical world. AXK4N refers to the nahuatl word Axcan: the eternalnow, the present time, continuous of past and future. The project will be the starting point for a cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) for the user to modify the space, making it a creative and collective piece in the metaverse.

The geometry of the space aims to establish a relationship between an introspective moment of humanity and the possibilities of inhabiting alternate worlds in the metaverse.
Through virtual objects that do not depend on structural neither physical logics as on earth, it is possible to offer an emotional experience.

AXK4N opens as a portal to other realities,to other temporalities. Walking through its mazelike spaces invites to the contemplation of the infinite, in the same way as the ancient
observatories did.

Go and explore the metaverse!